2020-11-20 girstRevert "Enable Webextension experiments" master github/master
2020-11-20 girstEnable Webextension experiments
2020-10-01 girstautomatically disable signature requirement v2.3
2020-09-24 girstdon't prevent unsigned addon warning to not break some... v2.2
2020-08-22 girstreword installation instructions v2.1
2020-08-22 girstrecreate all properties of AddonSettings automatically
2020-01-18 girstFix addon installation for Firefox 74 v2.0
2019-12-27 girstprovide clean and uninstall targets, auto-find correct...
2019-07-09 girstswitch to resource:// protocol
2019-07-09 girstdon't overwrite chrome.manifest
2019-07-09 girstfix chrome.manifest loading for mozilla68
2019-06-24 girstremove superfluous comments
2019-06-24 girstadd link to bug report to keep an eye on
2019-06-24 girstcredit where credit's due
2019-06-24 girstremove boot.jsm
2019-06-24 girstmore portabe makefile
2019-06-24 girstinitial commit v1.0
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