2019-02-02 girstrename to 'viper', new makefile master github/master
2019-01-26 girstimplement SIGTSTP handling
2019-01-05 girstfix raw mode bug
2018-11-05 girstuse correct longjmp buffer
2018-11-05 girstminor cleanup
2018-09-03 girstincrease freeze steps, remove debug/test code
2018-09-03 girsttime freeze bonus
2018-09-03 girstmore food items
2018-09-03 girstremove vt220 support, II
2018-09-03 girstremove vt220 support
2018-09-03 girstreadme: formatting
2018-09-03 girstreadme: new todo
2018-09-03 girstcleanup wrapmode, fix bonus interval
2018-09-03 girstlonghelp: add -l
2018-09-03 girstwrap-around-mode (needs cleanup)
2018-08-31 girstrefactor pause screen; todos, readme updated
2018-08-31 girstfix: snake speed bug
2018-07-13 girstescape bonus items in ASCII mode
2018-07-06 girstnew todo (vt220 softcharset), strike through done
2018-07-06 girstnote about dejavu mono braille chars
2018-07-06 girstreadme: small blurb about dependencies, todo item-...
2018-07-06 girstbonus timeouts (incl. warning)
2018-05-24 girst`-pedantic' fixes
2018-05-24 girstfix memory leak
2018-05-24 girstBonus items: shorten/elongate snake, speed up/down
2018-05-24 girstBONUS item: snip (Proof of Concept stage)
2018-05-24 girstclear keyboard buffer on game over
2018-05-24 girstspeed up every 100 points
2018-05-24 girstappend_snake(-1,-1) redraw fix
2018-05-24 girst`-l`: set initial snake length; better init_snake meand...
2018-05-24 girstend game when no more free spaces to go
2018-05-22 girsts/op.scheme/op.sch/g
2018-05-22 girstnice end screen
2018-05-22 girst^Z bug: proper fix
2018-05-22 girstgame loop (restartable), fix memory leak
2018-05-22 girstREADME: konsole setup
2018-05-20 girstfix -d maxwidth
2018-05-20 girstfix food-appears-in-heads-old-location bug
2018-05-20 girstproof of concept for ^Z bug
2018-05-20 girstREADME: update TODOs
2018-05-20 girstfix width-off-by-one-column bug
2018-05-20 girstsimplify direction buffer access
2018-05-20 girstuse ring buffer for movement, minor cleanup
2018-05-20 girstdon't truncate snake on small fields, fix unpause graph...
2018-05-19 girstWIP: only redraw changed bits
2018-05-19 girstreuse memory when consuming and re-spawning item
2018-05-19 girstminor in-code cleanup, documentation
2018-05-19 girstsimple pause mode
2018-05-19 girstdec charset, print cleanup, command line args, ...
2018-05-19 girstfix segfault when eating food
2018-05-19 girstfound segfault (yay! :/ )
2018-05-19 girstlongjmp proof-of-concept; set name for velocity
2018-05-18 girsteven worse coloring hack
2018-05-18 girstupdate readme TODOs
2018-05-18 girstlinked list code cleanup
2018-05-18 girstclean up append_movement to not add same direction...
2018-05-18 girstemoji list
2018-05-18 girstfix fast 180° turns (queue all directional keystrokes)
2018-05-18 girstgreen snek (dirty (temporary) hack)
2018-05-18 girstexperiment with snake speeds (very ugly)
2018-05-17 girstdifferent food values
2018-05-17 girstmove enums, struct defs, etc into header file
2018-05-17 girstschemes into .h
2018-05-17 girstinitial (proof-of-concept-y) code
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