30 hours ago girstfix 'eb' master
2022-05-16 girstVimFx v0.24.7 v0.24.7
2022-05-02 girstremove legacy code paths from isElementInstance()
2022-05-02 girstmove from deprecated Cu.import to ChromeUtils.import
2022-05-02 girstPort Bug 1678965 to VimFx' ContentAreaClick()
2022-05-02 girstMove contentAreaClick() to utils
2022-05-02 Alex Nguyenupdate support for user contexts (containers)
2022-01-28 girstVimFx v0.24.6 v0.24.6
2022-01-28 girstfix 'gX' menupopup
2021-11-18 girstRemove old RDM workaround documentation
2021-11-18 girstVimFx v0.24.5 v0.24.5
2021-11-18 girstfix 'ambiguous option' error
2021-11-18 girstmake Fission check more strict
2021-11-18 girstFix bootstrapping in Firefox 96
2021-08-04 girstNote where contentAreaClick's allowMixedContent came...
2021-08-04 girstWarn in Browser Console when Fission (site isolation...
2020-11-24 girstVimFx v0.24.4 v0.24.4
2020-11-22 girstUpdate documentation
2020-11-22 girstFix search on help screen
2020-11-22 girstFix `ew` and `ep` commands
2020-11-22 girstDo not inject Console.jsm into frame scripts
2020-11-17 girstVimFx v0.24.3 v0.24.3
2020-11-17 girstFix Extension Bootstrap for Firefox 84
2020-10-30 girstRemove Github templates
2020-10-30 girstupdate known bugs
2020-10-30 girstDon't crash on pages with out-of-process iframes when...
2020-10-30 girstupdate installation, known bugs and development documen...
2020-09-20 girstSupport in-content dark mode on options.xhtml
2020-08-06 girstVimFx v0.24.2 v0.24.2
2020-08-06 girsthotfix: 'F'
2020-08-05 girstVimFx v0.24.1 v0.24.1
2020-07-16 girstBetter LegacyFox Link
2020-07-16 girstUpdate contentAreaClick() for Firefox 80
2020-07-12 girstUpdate LegacyFox repo URL and installation instructions
2020-06-12 girstVimFx v0.24.0 v0.24.0
2020-06-08 girstDocument known bugs and their workarounds
2020-05-15 girstChromeWindow has no ShadowRoot
2020-05-15 girstfix pushing of the release tag
2020-05-15 girstFix getting stuck in normal mode in docked DevTools...
2020-03-19 girstVimFx v0.23.3 v0.23.3
2020-03-19 girstFix `o` in nightly 76 (Bug 1610479)
2020-01-30 girstFix GitHub search box hint
2020-01-09 girstFix typo in CHANGELOG
2020-01-07 girstonly embolden section title (not section description)
2020-01-05 girstVimFx v0.23.2 v0.23.2
2020-01-02 girstMake options section headings bold
2020-01-02 girstFix race condition on options page
2019-12-31 girstIgnore error thrown by dispatchDOMEvent
2019-12-31 girstClean up some shims for <fx63
2019-12-27 girstRemove last isXULDocument() references
2019-12-26 girsts/dispatchDOMEventViaPresShell/&ForTesting/
2019-12-05 girstVimFx v0.23.1 v0.23.1
2019-12-05 girstupdate "vulnerable" packages
2019-12-05 girstreplace imported ContentClick module with stub
2019-12-05 girstfix 'modifiers is null' TypeError
2019-12-05 girstRemove misuse of isXULDocument()
2019-12-05 girstundo useless hint exclusion
2019-12-05 girstmore release script work
2019-12-01 girstVimFx v0.23.0 v0.23.0
2019-11-27 girstRequire Firefox 68 and Update Documentation
2019-11-27 girstfix lint error for overlong line
2019-11-27 girstremove getAnonymousNodes() code path from getAllElements()
2019-11-27 girstgetAnonymousNodes() and getBindingParent() removed...
2019-11-27 girstnew release script
2019-11-16 girstgulp: make lint failures fatal
2019-11-16 girstfix 'eb' for nightly72
2019-11-16 girstfix hints on about:preferences (nightly72)
2019-10-19 girstVimFx v0.22.0 v0.22.2
2019-10-19 girstfix 'eb' for fx71
2019-09-28 girstVimFx v0.22.1
2019-09-28 girstDocument config file sandboxing issues and workarounds...
2019-09-22 girstVimFx v0.22.0 v0.22.0
2019-08-30 girstexperimental custom-element support
2019-08-26 girstFix visual mode in Firefox 70 v0.21.3
2019-08-26 girstwaterfox 56 fix
2019-08-20 girstfix hints mode on about:addons and about:preferences...
2019-08-15 girstVimFx v0.21.2 v0.21.2
2019-08-15 girstTaking over maintainership
2019-08-06 girstDeduplicate new settings code and final css tweaks
2019-08-06 girstPort settings page to a modern format
2019-08-04 girstprevent statusbar update from breaking waterfox56
2019-08-03 girstfix blurring of URL bar in fx70a
2019-08-03 Simon LydellVimFx v0.21.1 v0.21.1
2019-08-03 Simon LydellFix lint errors
2019-08-03 Simon LydellMerge pull request #937 from girst/master
2019-08-01 girstfix hints mode and help popups
2019-08-01 girstreplace custom status panel with default one
2019-07-31 girstFix TypeError when uninstalling VimFx
2019-07-31 girstFix TypeError when hitting ESC
2019-07-31 girstRemove dependency on non-standard Array.some() and...
2019-07-01 Simon LydellMerge pull request #936 from strel/master
2019-07-01 streles locale update
2019-05-15 Simon LydellVimFx v0.21.0 v0.21.0
2019-05-15 Simon LydellCompatibility for Waterfox 68, Firefox <= 64 (cleanup...
2019-05-14 Simon LydellCleanups
2019-05-13 girstnew version (0.21.0)
2019-05-13 girstMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2019-05-13 girstfix hintsmode clicking in ff56, squash some exceptions
2019-05-13 girstexplicitly import Services
2019-05-12 girstremove further remnants of devtools-integration
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