update readme from manpage
[forkaftergrep.git] / fag.1
2017-10-13 girstMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/girst/forka...
2017-10-13 girstterminate PROGRAM when fag gets interrupted/terminated
2017-08-12 girstfix grep bug (match found on exit); found new one
2017-08-11 girstupdate date; copy current manpage to readme
2017-08-11 girstfound bug, won't do mnemonic signals (for now)
2017-07-28 girstsome more bugfixes, some found
2017-07-27 girstmore manpage updating
2017-07-27 girstupdate manpage to reflect new grep-usage
2017-02-07 girstinitial version
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