remove unnecessary close()s, found bug (exit 141)
[forkaftergrep.git] / fag.c
2017-07-28 girstremove unnecessary close()s, found bug (exit 141)
2017-07-28 girstverbose'd twice
2017-07-28 girstsome more bugfixes, some found
2017-07-28 girstgrep now accepts some arguments
2017-07-27 girstin program help text
2017-07-27 girstcleanup in code; small bugfix with verbose mode
2017-07-27 girstnow uses grep for matches; todo: grep-params
2017-07-27 girststart with integrating actual grep
2017-07-27 girstreplace deprecated _BSD_SOURCE with _DEFAULT_SOURCE
2017-07-27 girstadd verbose mode; fix makefile
2017-07-27 girstcleaned up debugcode
2017-02-08 girstcleaned up debugcode
2017-02-07 girstinitial version
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