[hardpass.git] / kicad / README.txt
1 hardpass PCB files
2 Copyright 2016 Tobias Girstmair, github.com/girst
3 Released as GPLv3, with exception to the libraries included.
5 written on KiCad 4.0.3 on Ubuntu 16.04
7 Included are the following Libraries:
8 ESP-12 Footprint:
9 https://github.com/jdunmire/kicad-ESP8266
10 Copyright 2015 J.Dunmire
11 Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0
12 hardpass.pretty:
13 (C) 2015/2016 github.com/girst
15 My own library, slightly modifying some default parts and the ESP-12E footprint from J.Dunmire.
17 (not included) FPC connector:
18 https://www.snapeda.com/parts/XF2M-2015-1A-R100/Omron/view-part/
19 CC-BY-SA w/ Design Exclusion
20 This is probably a good connector, but I haven't tried it yet.
22 There are TWO PCB designs included:
23 To use the default one without the ESP12E, keep the naming as it is.
24 To use the one with the ESP12E footprint, rename hardpass-esp12e.kicad_pcb to hardpass-pcb.kicad_pcb
26 To the best of my knowledge, nothing but the above listed material in this folder is copyrighted. If your work has been included against the term of its license, please contact me through the github issue tracker at http://github.com/girst/<NAME-OF-PROJECT>/issues.
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