reset circuit works; cleanup on it
[hardpass.git] / kicad / hardpass-pcb / hardpass-pcb.kicad_pcb
2017-07-22 girstreset circuit works; cleanup on it
2017-03-23 girstfixed multiple things, add gnu logo
2017-03-19 girstcleanup tracks around xtal
2017-03-19 girstadd 3d model to pcb
2017-03-11 girstchange crystal to smd
2017-03-11 girstRevert "cleanup, but accidentally deleted smartcard...
2017-03-11 girstcleanup, but accidentally deleted smartcard-pcb
2017-01-21 girstboard design work
2017-01-21 girstfixed bug (shdn_N), removed caps
2017-01-19 girstrouted 2nd board
2017-01-18 girstadd tda8029 footprint
2017-01-07 girstadded logo
2017-01-07 girstre-done pcb for 30 pin oled
2016-11-21 girstMerge branch 'master' of
2016-11-21 girstadded reset circuit to oled
2016-08-20 girstCode import into new repository (long overdue)
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