2020-07-22 girstmake ':n' start a new game (not 'r') master github/master
2020-07-22 girstprefer landing on closed cell with w/b/u/d
2019-02-02 girstredo makefile
2019-01-26 girstSIGTSTP, EX_NEW, fix mouse ctrlseq, cursor rendering...
2019-01-24 girstnew TODO: ; and ,
2019-01-18 girstimplement "find open region"
2019-01-05 girstfix: don't overwrite stored termios structure
2018-11-05 girstnote a wontfix in dec mode
2018-11-05 girstfix header guard macro
2018-11-01 girstremove buggy 'p', fix vt220 issue, implement SIGCONT
2018-11-01 girstadd note that sending drcs breaks vt220
2018-11-01 girst'p': stomp adjacent
2018-10-25 girstupdate readme keybindings
2018-10-25 girstminor refactoring
2018-10-25 girstsimplify find/'til/after, backword
2018-10-25 girstresize mode and ex mode improvements, backword
2018-10-25 girstclean up ex mode
2018-10-25 girstfirst draft of ex mode / colon commands
2018-10-24 girston win: show all flags
2018-05-24 girstclear status line after dismissing quit dialog
2018-05-20 girstless noisey `make test'
2018-05-20 girstfix -d maxwidth
2018-05-20 girstquit warning
2018-05-20 girstalias fq for f?, macros renamed
2018-05-20 girstfind, till, after x
2018-05-20 girst-pedantic improvements; less noise in tests
2018-05-20 girstfix stray STX messing with `m', `f', `t'
2018-05-20 girstimplement find/till (horizontal only)
2018-05-02 girststomp radius: fix disappearing mines on game over screen
2018-05-01 girstflesh out resize mode
2018-05-01 girststop timer on 'r', CTRL-R during game
2018-04-30 girststomp radius now with mouse, renamed partial_show_minef...
2018-04-30 girstshave off 4 bytes in DEC scheme (II)
2018-04-30 girststomp radius bugfix
2018-04-30 girstadd mines.h as dependency
2018-04-30 girstmove FIELDSPEC help into header
2018-04-30 girstRevert "shave off 4 bytes in DEC scheme"
2018-04-30 girstshave off 4 bytes in DEC scheme
2018-04-30 girstdon't warn on too many mines; minor cleanup, ideas...
2018-04-30 girstrefactor resize mode, bump version number (changed...
2018-04-30 girstfinish resize mode
2018-04-27 girststart with resize mode (segfaults!), mouse highlight...
2018-04-27 girstimplement AROUND() macro
2018-04-27 girstfix bug with pressing q during game; cleanup
2018-04-27 girstmore event loop refactoring: mainly get/set marks
2018-04-26 girstrefactor main event loop
2018-04-19 girstfurther refractoring (screen setup, game struct)
2018-04-19 girstfurther cleanup and refactoring
2018-04-19 girsthelp text into header
2018-04-19 girstmove fieldspec parsing into function
2018-04-19 girstrestructure mines.c (renamed from mines_2017.c)
2018-04-19 girstextend test target (-pedantic build)
2018-04-19 girstfix "\e is non-ISO-standard escape sequence"
2018-04-19 girstfinally fix returning from alternate screen bug
2018-04-01 girstremove flag_offset, fix operator precedence bug
2018-04-01 girstVT220: Soft charset for Flag glyph (cleanup)
2018-04-01 girstDECDCL flag glyph (new version)
2018-04-01 girstnew flag for monoscheme
2018-03-31 girsts/move/move_ph/ ; s/cursor_move/move_hi/
2018-03-31 girstadd `make test'
2018-03-31 girstminor cleanup
2018-03-31 girstcrudely fix `-q' flagcounter, :D clicking in dec mode...
2018-03-31 girstimplement 'z' key, improved scheme (is new version)
2018-03-31 girstsimplify :D click, fix :o emoticon in DEC mode
2018-03-31 girstfix segfault when clicking out of bound and then using...
2018-03-31 girstimplement cursor keys, fix endgame emoticon, minor...
2018-03-31 girstsimplify border, minor fixes, 80col code, etc
2018-03-31 girstfinish schemes cleanup, fix %.*s format
2018-03-31 girstcleanup color esc.seq with macro
2018-03-31 girstcleanup schemes.h
2018-03-31 girstcolor flag, v2
2018-03-31 girstcolor flag icon, v1
2018-03-29 girstfix missing modechar after flagging
2018-03-29 girstfix mines>999, time>999, simplify 2nd line
2018-03-29 girstcrude patch for >999 mines
2018-03-29 girstclamp field size to window/mouse-max, dynamic minenum...
2018-03-07 girstcount non-placed flags (down) instead of placed (up)
2018-03-05 girstadd default mine-num for 8x8 and 16x16
2018-03-03 girsttodo: wait_mouse_up does not redraw correct emoticon
2018-03-03 girstadd bug notice
2018-03-03 girstnicer emoticons
2018-03-03 girstadd game won emoticon, move them to schemes.h
2018-02-28 girstupdate keybindings in `-h'
2018-02-28 girstincrease version number
2018-02-28 girstfix typos in readme
2018-02-28 girstupdate readme to reflect recent changes
2018-02-28 girstmove find-word-boundary code into one giant macro ...
2018-02-28 girstbetter bigmove (now moves to "word boundaries" (changes...
2018-02-28 girstadd indicator for space mode next to the time
2018-02-27 girstworking invert cursor
2018-02-27 girsttesting some flag patterns
2018-02-23 girstmodeful space will always choord, s/set_cursor_pos...
2018-02-23 girstupdate introductory comment & version number
2018-02-23 girstimplement modeful space, cleanup gameloop a tiny bit
2018-02-18 girstslightly improve alt.screen handling (will force-clear)
2018-02-18 girstchange command line switches -w -h -m to positional
2018-02-18 girstimplement m ' ` (mark and jump)
2018-02-17 girstfix out of bounds check for right_click, use alternate...
2017-09-07 girstadd questionmark key
2017-09-07 girstdeduplicate code for cursor movement; alias 0='^'
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