2021-09-05 girstmake freecell obey the 'no selecting of empty stock... master github/master
2020-03-13 girstblink waste/cells
2020-03-13 girst'.' implementation (ugly and not portable)
2020-03-13 girstfind and search commands prototypes
2019-11-16 girstifdef off inverted move logic
2019-03-23 girstfix freecell->free tableu
2019-03-09 girstshuffle around TODOs
2019-03-09 girstfix c2f() emtpy check
2019-03-09 girstfreecell: better join() cell->foundation fix
2019-03-09 girstfreecell: join() freecells->foundation
2019-03-04 girstfreecell: join() to foundation: fix fencepost error
2019-02-25 girstupdate TODOs
2019-02-25 girstspider: fix undo stack-completed-pile bug
2019-02-24 girstupdated foundation placeholder
2019-02-24 girstfreecell: join to empty tableu
2019-02-20 girstuse color_ok macro everywhere
2019-02-20 girstfreecell: smart card selector, part 4
2019-02-20 girstfreecell: smart card selector, part 3
2019-02-20 girstfreecell: smart card selector, part 2
2019-02-20 girstfreecell: smart card selector, part 1
2019-02-20 girstimplement join() for freecell
2019-02-19 girstremove freecell backspace
2019-02-19 girstfreecell stable enough for default target
2019-02-19 girstdifferentiate foundation from placeholder
2019-02-19 girstargh! a semicolon too many!
2019-02-19 girstfreecell: respect max_move() in cursor selection
2019-02-19 girstswap win_anim width/height
2019-02-19 girstfix fencepost in undo_pop, mouse-foundation also in...
2019-02-19 girstfix fallthough at -V
2019-02-19 girstfreecell: mouse select for cells/foundation
2019-02-19 girstfreecell: finished t2t, work on card selector dialog
2019-02-18 girstmore work on freecell t2t()
2019-02-18 girstfreecell: t2t(), calculate number of movable
2019-02-16 girstwin_anim: print everywhere on the terminal
2019-02-16 girstmerge freecell todos into readme
2019-02-16 girstspider: fix move to empty tableu
2019-02-16 girstremove debugging seed
2019-02-14 FeuerfuchsAdd a colorful version of the mini colorscheme
2019-02-14 girstWIP: freecell implementation (unfinished)
2019-02-14 girstjoin() fixes for w2t
2019-02-13 girstremove stupid {1, ...} initialisation
2019-02-13 girstnew todo: freecell
2019-02-13 girstallow disabling visual bell (might change)
2019-02-12 girstremove spider.c symlink
2019-02-12 girstfix 80 columns, todo->done
2019-02-12 girstfinish active-cursor-hider
2019-02-12 girstWIP: hide active cursor when using mouse (/u/TooEarlyForMe)
2019-02-12 girst`:help` to show keyhelp (/u/Valley6660)
2019-02-12 girstallow using `10` instead of `X` on card face (/u/Valley...
2019-02-12 girsthide old internal notes
2019-02-12 girstadd keybindings info
2019-02-12 girst'join' with right mouse, update keybindings help
2019-02-03 girstfix segfault when mouse-moving multiple cards to empty...
2019-02-02 girstAdd LICENSE
2019-02-02 girstimprove readme
2019-02-02 girstfriendly readme opening
2019-02-02 girstmouse: allow dragging
2019-01-26 girsthandle SIGTSTP, fix mouse ctrlseq
2019-01-23 girstcleanup mouse
2019-01-22 girstmouse mode (needs cleanup)
2019-01-22 girstfix overlong lines
2019-01-22 girstfix spider foundation printing
2019-01-22 girstclean up reworked join
2019-01-21 girstrewrite join() prediction engine
2019-01-21 girstfix 'make test'
2019-01-21 girstjoin: in SPIDER, prefer completing a stack
2019-01-21 girstbetter join for klondike
2019-01-21 girstallow joining to foundation
2019-01-21 girstallow inverted moves
2019-01-21 girstuse getch() everywhere
2019-01-21 girstsupport 'real' cursor keys
2019-01-21 girstmake Makefile portable
2019-01-21 girstimplement restart same game, increase portability,...
2019-01-20 girstfix off-by-one
2019-01-20 girstactually useful CMD_JOIN implementation
2019-01-20 girstfirst version of join() -- to be replaced
2019-01-20 girstautomagic conserve space
2019-01-20 girstimplement 'M' keybinding
2019-01-20 girstrework command line arguments
2019-01-20 girstfix BULCARD() padding
2019-01-20 girstfix foundation rendering (SPIDER)
2019-01-11 girstfix bold hack; extreme overlap: always show top selecte...
2019-01-10 girstfix broken halfcard rendering
2019-01-08 girstupdate TODOs
2019-01-08 girstassimilate remove_if_complete
2019-01-07 girstawful hack that un-breaks faint+bold printing
2019-01-07 girstfix turn over bug
2019-01-07 girstundo for spider
2019-01-07 girstproperly free undo allocations
2019-01-07 girstimplement undo for KLONDIKE
2019-01-06 girstimplement 'up to' space/return
2019-01-06 girstremove redundant display calls
2019-01-05 girstundo_pop pseudo implementation
2019-01-05 girstmove data structure definition into .h
2019-01-05 girstrename append_undo to undo_push; subs for undo_pop...
2019-01-05 girstsquash another bug
2019-01-05 girstfix is_movable
2019-01-05 girstadd append_undo() to all x2y() functions
2019-01-05 girstadd missing function declaration to .h
2019-01-05 girstcomments on the undo feature
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