6 days ago girstmake sure header+<video> fit above the fold master
2020-10-31 girstdocument python version requirements
2020-10-26 girstclean up broken-youtube-response handling
2020-10-26 girstlink to; simplify js
2020-10-26 girstfix search pagination
2020-10-24 girstpolish some stuff
2020-10-22 girstfix /<something> 500 errors
2020-10-20 girstfurther improve <something> detector
2020-10-17 girstbetter /<something> algorithm
2020-10-10 girstimplement a tiny port80-to-443 redirector
2020-10-09 girstfix reddit feed if 0 subscriptions
2020-10-08 girstexclude search filters from new details style
2020-10-08 girstbetter <details> css
2020-10-04 girstupdate TODOs
2020-10-04 girstimplement pagination of channel/ucid/playlists (VERY...
2020-10-04 girstfix JSONDecodeError on search for real this time
2020-10-02 girstprevent iter_content from raising ChunkedEncodingError...
2020-09-28 girstadd &t= to redirect-to-watch
2020-09-25 girstsupport "?t=1h2m3s" and "?t=123s" style start-offsets
2020-09-24 girstremove more button from xmlfeeds
2020-09-24 girstremove v1 usage from /channels/
2020-09-24 girstadd sponsor segments debug info
2020-09-23 girstmake title in video cards selectable
2020-09-23 girstfix exception on bad search results
2020-09-22 girstremove superfluous title text
2020-09-21 girstvideo age: use 'm' for months, 'min' for minutes
2020-09-19 girstchange pinned style
2020-09-19 girstadd display flags to /c/*; dedup flag retrieval code
2020-09-19 girstremove 'return "foo", 400' style error responses (browse/)
2020-09-19 girstexpose hls/dash streams to template
2020-09-19 girst(re)add subscribe button to channel page
2020-09-19 girstredirect<username>, fix /c/ trailing slash
2020-09-19 girstrename 'dangerous' blueprint, as its safe
2020-09-19 girstclean up dead protobuf structures
2020-09-19 girstfix exception in pagination code on &foo=<emptystring>
2020-09-19 girstfix strange exception on reddit api usage
2020-09-19 girstdocument perl installation
2020-09-19 girstredirect /c/<ucid> to /channel/<ucid>
2020-09-19 girstmove to v3 channel format
2020-09-19 girststore length when pinning videos
2020-09-17 girstadd link to source code
2020-09-17 girstfix pinning the first (oldest) subscription
2020-09-16 girstUse new k-anonymity SponsorBlock API; enable by default
2020-09-16 girstimplement /watch video start offset
2020-09-05 girstuse correct magic for v2 format
2020-09-04 girstlink to snopyta's invidous instance
2020-08-29 girstfix error on playlist that doesn't even work on
2020-08-29 girstI AM SO SMART -- S-M-R-T!
2020-08-29 girstfixup 'blockable'
2020-08-29 girstfix aspect clamping yet again
2020-08-29 girstuse new property in typed_card
2020-08-29 girstfix unavailable endcard
2020-08-29 girstcomment UU* (user uploads) playlists
2020-08-29 girstmore lenient channel redirection, catch not existing...
2020-08-29 girstwe're blockable :(
2020-08-29 girstconvert all search result types to use pipe framework
2020-08-29 girstmake |G() take multiple keys
2020-08-29 girstimplement 'pipe' framework and test on VIDEO searchresults
2020-08-29 girstnew searchresult types, 'no more results' variant
2020-08-19 girstadd /results as alias for /search
2020-08-19 girstadd final / to /channel/ urls in templates
2020-08-19 girstmore innertube renderers
2020-08-19 girstuse getpass() instead of input()
2020-08-19 girstimplement password change
2020-08-18 girstfix learning playlists
2020-08-17 girstdon't need to patch youtubedown any more
2020-08-17 girstdon't rely on calc(max()) css to get video to display
2020-08-17 girstraise exception on webhooks errors
2020-08-17 girstclean up v1/v2 channel protobuf handling
2020-08-17 girstfix channel-playlists
2020-08-17 girstfix "learning playlist" and playlists in general, more...
2020-08-17 girsthandle absent streamingData.formats/adaptiveFormats
2020-08-17 girstpaper over exception on
2020-08-16 girstignore more advertisements
2020-08-16 girsthacky way to get v1 and v2 channel responses (needs...
2020-08-15 girstdon't crash cipher util when youtubedown can't decode...
2020-08-15 girstfix dummy-card 1px offset
2020-08-15 girstREADME: add note regarding new channel protobuf
2020-08-15 girstfallback from dangerous/channel (must fix browse_ajax)
2020-08-15 girstmake xmlfeed catch all channel subpages
2020-08-15 girstmake csrf verification use http.parser instead of regexp
2020-08-15 girstdocument why we aren't deleting videos, clean up logging
2020-08-14 girstsometimes videoDetails.lengthSeconds=="0"
2020-08-09 girstmake view count thousand seperator a bit larger
2020-08-09 girstfound new innertube edge case
2020-08-09 girstRevert "secondary channel format"
2020-08-09 girstsecondary channel format
2020-08-08 girstshow LIVE badge on subscription feed
2020-08-08 girstadd livestream detection for subscriptions
2020-08-08 girstmake version closer to youtube
2020-08-08 girstremove stray end tag
2020-08-08 girstmove search css into a stylesheet
2020-08-08 girstfix card macro behavriour w.r.t empty channel_id
2020-08-07 girstfix writing youtubedown (unicode chars)
2020-08-07 girstcorrect statement about idempotency of cronjobs
2020-08-07 girstdisplay length on /feed/subscriptions and use new infoc...
2020-08-07 girstremove broken logging statement
2020-08-07 girstfetch length for new subscription videos
2020-08-07 girstimplement video badge (for length)
2020-08-07 girstmore innertube variants
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