20 hours ago girstimprove makefile master
2 days ago girstcommit database change to setup.sql
2 days ago girstmakefile: automatically generate hmac secrets for confi...
2 days ago girstdescribe what each module does in advance install section
2 days ago girstenable proxy by default
2 days ago girstlisten on port 8080 by default to encourage reverse...
2 days ago girstupdate installation instructions
2 days ago girstprovide a semi-automatic install mechanism
2 days ago girstuse systemd timers instead of cronjobs
2 days ago girstremove webhooks gunicorn
2 days ago girstallow running setup.sql/guest.sql multiple times
2 days ago girst[DATABASE CHANGE: Migration below] implement on-line...
2 days ago girstremove now unused cipher fetching code
2 days ago girstswitch to ANDROID player API
2021-09-18 girstredirect thumnail urls
2021-09-04 girsttake full urls as path, and redirect accord...
2021-08-30 girstadd method to allow downloading though yt-dlp
2021-08-17 girstsplit stream_map.adaptive into *_video and *_audio
2021-08-17 girstfix try_int() to actually return something
2021-08-13 girstavoid contacting innertube api when video id is obvious...
2021-08-13 girstavoid int(request.args.get('page'))
2021-08-13 girstfix ?show=audio for unplayable videos
2021-08-13 girsthandle the case when we can't connect to googlevideo
2021-08-13 girstfix url extraction of non-embeddable livestreams
2021-08-13 girstallow /embed/ urls with final /
2021-08-05 girsthandle geolocked videos not available in the server...
2021-08-05 girstmake channel page sorting link(-ish) instead of a selec...
2021-07-30 girstuse same embedder-url as yt-dlp
2021-07-30 girstfurther enhance age-gate bypass
2021-07-30 girstbetter, near-complete age-gate bypass
2021-07-22 girstuse ANDROID instead of TVHTML5 for 2nd order fallback
2021-07-16 girstimplement horizontalListRenderer container and stub...
2021-07-16 girstimplement gridShowRenderer playlist type
2021-07-03 girstreintroduce TVHTML5 get_video_info
2021-07-03 girstfix str-in-None exception, some comments
2021-06-17 girstmove to new api again, use new api for age-gate bypass
2021-06-17 girstRevert "Revert "remove useless for loop, implement...
2021-06-17 girstRevert "Revert "fix missing metadata""
2021-06-17 girstRevert "Revert "replace /get_video_info call""
2021-06-17 girstRevert "simpler fix for failing get_video_info"
2021-06-14 girsts/freenode/
2021-06-14 girstwork around youtube not returning player_response
2021-06-03 girstfix rating when absent
2021-05-29 girsthigh(er) quality 'video unavailable' error page
2021-05-29 girstuse apostrophe as thousands seperator
2021-05-29 girstreplace star rating with thumbs up/down percentage
2021-05-20 girstcache POST requests, explicity not cache some POSTs
2021-05-20 girstsimpler fix for failing get_video_info
2021-05-20 girstRevert "replace /get_video_info call"
2021-05-20 girstRevert "fix missing metadata"
2021-05-20 girstRevert "remove useless for loop, implement age-gate...
2021-05-20 girstremove useless for loop, implement age-gate bypass
2021-05-20 girstfix missing metadata
2021-05-20 girstreplace /get_video_info call
2021-05-01 girstadd ellipsis to truncated video titles
2021-03-27 girstnaively add length badge to reddit videos if available
2021-03-20 girstdon't load livestreams through proxy for osx(?) devices
2021-03-18 girst[DATABASE CHANGE: Migration below] make login tokens...
2021-03-13 girstfix cipher extraction
2021-03-13 girstexclude /static files from anticsrf
2021-03-10 girstadd info flash when (un)pinning/(un)subscribing/etc...
2021-03-10 girstfix port80 auto-restart
2021-03-09 girstdisplay innertube error to user
2021-03-09 girstremove hls test route
2021-03-09 girstadd a in-tree copy of hls.js, update licensing section...
2021-03-09 girstremove implemented TODOs
2021-03-09 girstenable hls proxying, simplify /api/hls_* munging, forma...
2021-03-09 girstworking HLS proxy (for livestreams)
2021-03-09 girstfix flask_logger()
2021-03-09 girstadd note about api key
2021-03-05 girsttakes some shortcuts with captcha busting
2021-03-05 girstintegrate anticaptcha into common and clean it up a bit
2021-03-05 girst[WARNING: CONFIG CHANGE] reorganize webhooks config
2021-03-05 girstworking prototype for anticaptcha
2021-03-05 girstmove anticsrf out of __init__, provide decorator for...
2021-03-03 girstswitch browse endpoint from browse_ajax to youtubei...
2021-01-21 girstallow trailing slash on /r/<subreddit>
2021-01-13 girstsupport /embed/videoseries
2021-01-03 girstRestructure readme
2021-01-03 girstfix subreddit manager's button styling
2021-01-03 girstremove obsolete invidious plugin
2021-01-03 girstclean up playlist error handling
2021-01-03 girstsupport /embed/videoseries urls
2020-12-12 girstupdate channel sort ui
2020-12-12 girstfix channel playlists tab
2020-12-09 girstadd youtube-nocookie link
2020-12-06 girstexpose feature and extra filters
2020-12-06 girstadd comment explaning 0:00 length subscription videos
2020-12-06 girstfix canonicalisation of legacy usernames
2020-11-30 girstadd browse/ override for /<something> endpoint
2020-11-30 girstfollowup-fix for playlists in feed
2020-11-30 girstshow playlist subscriptions in /feed/subscriptions
2020-11-29 girstslightly better /<something> error message
2020-11-29 girstfix channel search
2020-11-17 girstmake sure header+<video> fit above the fold
2020-10-31 girstdocument python version requirements
2020-10-26 girstclean up broken-youtube-response handling
2020-10-26 girstlink to; simplify js
2020-10-26 girstfix search pagination
2020-10-24 girstpolish some stuff
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