Fix NKRO code when NKRO is disable
[tmk_keyboard.git] / protocol / lufa / lufa.c
2014-07-19 tmkFix NKRO code when NKRO is disable
2014-07-07 tmkMerge pull request #112 from shayneholmes/ee_nkro_use_r...
2014-04-29 tmkFix set LED for NKRO keyboard interface
2014-04-29 tmkUnused endpoint of console OUT is commentout'd
2014-04-26 tmkNKRO is disable when SET_PROTOCOL(boot)
2014-04-26 tmkMake NKRO deafult when it is available
2014-04-25 tmkMove macro definitions from lufa.c to lufa.h
2014-04-21 tmkReturn when ready check loop is timeouted(Fix #115)
2013-11-28 tmkMerge pull request #80 from gblargg/master
2013-11-28 tmkMerge branch 'modstaptoggle' of git://
2013-11-28 tmkMerge pull request #81 from bgould/master
2013-11-28 tmkMerge branch 'ps2_keyboard_fix'
2013-11-28 tmkAdd ps2_usart.c and fix set_led at USB wake
2013-11-21 tmkMerge branch 'ps2_mouse_fix'
2013-11-18 tmkWait for USB starting up to make debug print available
2013-10-31 tmkMerge branch 'onekey'
2013-09-25 tmkMerge branch 'm0110_keymap_section'
2013-09-25 tmkFix LUFA blocking during startup
2013-09-21 tmkFix USB initilaize on LUFA
2013-07-28 tmkMerge branch 'lufa_nkro'
2013-07-28 tmkAdd NKRO support for LUFA
2013-04-13 tmkFix LUFA host driver for unconfigured state
2013-03-27 tmkMerge branch 'suspend_fix'
2013-03-27 tmkAdd supsend and wakeup to pjrc stack
2013-03-16 tmkMerge branch 'remote_wakeup'
2013-03-16 tmkAdd breathing sleep LED during USB suspend
2013-03-14 tmkAdd power down mode sleep and watchdog interrupt
2013-03-13 tmkAdd intial code of RemoteWakeUp
2013-02-11 tmkAdd support for LUFA-120730
2012-10-26 tmkFix usage of debug flag
2012-10-17 tmkMerge branch 'layerfix'
2012-10-17 tmkInitial version of new code for layer switch is added.
2012-09-06 tmkFix timeout logic of LUFA sendchar(), sned_*().
2012-09-04 tmkMerge branch 'usb_hid'
2012-08-28 tmktest build of 'Host shield' in minimal env.
2012-08-28 tmkFix the way of sending out IN packet.
2012-07-20 tmkAdd CONSOLE_ENABLE build option to LUFA.
2012-07-08 tmkInterrupt driven Control ep and Console task
2012-06-30 tmkMerge branch 'lufa'
2012-06-29 tmkconfirm SetReport LED.
2012-06-28 tmkAdd conditional compile for MOUSE_ENABLE and EXTRAKEY_E...
2012-06-28 tmkAdd protocol/lufa. LUFA supported now.
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