remove experimental return, cleanup slash_question key
[tmk_keyboard.git] / keyboard / tv44 /
2018-02-03 girstremove experimental return, cleanup slash_question key master github/master
2018-02-03 girstfix issue with stuck shift when not releasing slashques...
2018-02-02 girstsmall experimental changes (ctrl+tab, fn2+enter)
2018-02-02 girstdon't `make clean` everytime
2017-12-16 girstMerge remote-tracking branch 'upsteam/master'
2017-12-14 girstadd insert key
2017-12-14 girstsmall semantic change in action_function
2017-12-14 girstfix SLASH_QUESTION key release bug
2017-12-14 girstmove cheatsheet to root dir
2017-12-14 girstadd left fn2
2017-12-14 girstworking: shift+slash=questionmark
2017-12-14 girstremove unnecessary fn3-space-enter-swappings, add painp...
2017-12-13 girstcheat sheet
2017-12-13 girstmake clean after ./make flash
2017-12-13 girstmove at to layer2, remove fn+enter
2017-12-13 girstfix fn2+enter
2017-12-13 girstadd super key
2017-12-13 girstcleanup, mention build process in readme
2017-12-13 girstbuild with ./make and flash with ./make flash
2017-12-13 girstfix umlauts, other small mods
2017-12-13 girstactionmap works now -- compile with make -f Makefile...
2017-12-13 girstnot working yet
2017-12-13 girstgoing to convert to actionmap now
2017-12-12 girstmore on layer2, moved around fn-actions
2017-12-12 girstnearly finished layout comments, implemented layer0
2017-06-16 Evan SailerMerge pull request #2 from jmdaly/fix_roadkit_build
2017-05-25 Evan Sailerupdate tapping term
2017-01-06 Evan Sailercleand up van keebs firmware
2017-01-05 Evan SailerMerge branch 'master' of
2017-01-04 Evan Sailerremoved irrelevant keymaps
2017-01-04 Evan SailerMerge pull request #1 from jdost/master
2017-01-04 Evan SailerMerge branch 'master' into master
2017-01-04 JeffRefactor minivan config to not use a layer hack
2016-12-22 Evan Saileradded support for specifying custom led.c
2016-12-21 Evan Sailerupdated default layout
2016-12-21 Evan Sailerupdated makefile and common keymap
2016-09-01 Evan Sailerupdated keymap
2016-05-26 Evan Saileradded tv44 keyboard. made changes to support turning...
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