Merge branch 'mbed' into dev
[tmk_keyboard.git] / keyboard /
2014-07-30 tmkMerge branch 'mbed' into dev
2014-07-30 tmkPort ps2_usb to mbed
2014-07-30 tmkFix build files for mbed
2014-07-30 tmkFix common files for mbed
2014-07-30 tmkPort action_* to mbed
2014-07-30 tmkFix print and timer
2014-07-30 tmkPort timer to mbed
2014-07-30 tmkAdd keyboard/mbed_onekey
2014-07-19 tmkFix 'debug-off' target of hhkb to remove 'print'
2014-07-10 tmkFix READEM of hhkb and doc/
2014-07-09 tmkFix document on HHKB internal
2014-07-09 tmkAdd HHKB JP support
2014-07-07 tmkMerge pull request #124 from kairyu/6kro
2014-07-07 tmkMerge pull request #112 from shayneholmes/ee_nkro_use_r...
2014-07-07 tmkMerge pull request #125 from tibounise/patch-1
2014-07-07 tmkMerge pull request #126 from xauser/master
2014-06-27 Ralf SchmittAdded support for bpiphany's Kitten Paw controller...
2014-06-12 tmkAdd Ctrl + Up(SpaceFN) -> PgUp
2014-06-12 tmkMake keymap_hhkb as default and change keymap_hasu
2014-04-25 tmkFix 'Shift Parentheses' example
2014-04-24 tmkChange LUFA build options
2014-04-09 tmkMerge pull request #110 from xauser/master
2014-04-08 Ralf SchmittNew macro: ACTION_BACKLIGHT_LEVEL(level)
2014-03-24 tmkMerge pull request #102 from xauser/master
2014-03-22 Ralf SchmittAdded Lightsaber FN-layer
2014-03-22 Ralf SchmittLightsaber clean ups
2014-03-19 Ralf SchmittAdded basic led+backlight support
2014-03-18 Ralf SchmittUpdated Lightsaber read me
2014-03-18 Ralf SchmittSupport for Lightsaber keyboard
2014-01-07 Thomas Russell MurphySpellchecking keyboard README files.
2013-11-30 tmkFix of hhkb
2013-11-30 tmkMerge branch 'hhkb_spaceFN'
2013-11-30 tmkAdd SpaceFN layout for HHKB
2013-11-29 tmkAdd new keymap framework
2013-11-28 tmkMerge pull request #80 from gblargg/master
2013-11-28 tmkMerge branch 'modstaptoggle' of git://
2013-11-28 tmkMerge pull request #81 from bgould/master
2013-11-28 tmkMerge branch 'ps2_keyboard_fix'
2013-11-28 tmkFix pin configuration of onekey for PS/2 mouse
2013-11-25 tmkAdd HHKB keymap file on gh60
2013-11-21 tmkSupport GH60 Rev.B PCB as well as Rev.A(issue #64)
2013-11-21 tmkAdd SpaceFN layout to gh60
2013-11-21 tmkAdd new keymap management on gh60
2013-11-21 tmkMerge branch 'ps2_mouse_fix'
2013-11-21 tmkConfigure PS/2 mouse build options to onekey
2013-11-20 tmkAdd build options of ps2_mouse
2013-11-18 tmkAdd PS/2 mouse configure to onekey
2013-10-31 tmkMerge branch 'onekey'
2013-10-28 tmkAdd USE_LEGACY_KEYMAP in config.h of ps2_usb and IIgs
2013-10-28 tmkDelete MOUSEKEY_DELAY_TIME in config.h
2013-10-07 tmkAdd timeout option to MODS_ONESHOT #66
2013-09-19 tmkMerge branch 'tapping_fix60'
2013-09-18 tmkFix version info command
2013-09-11 tmkMerge branch 'keymap_section'
2013-09-11 tmkAdd build option KEYMAP_SECTION for keymap editor
2013-09-11 tmkAdd ld script for keymap section
2013-08-05 tmkAdd files for onekey(issue #56)
2013-07-28 tmkMerge branch 'lufa_nkro'
2013-07-28 tmkChange README Makefile and config.h in hhkb
2013-07-28 tmkAdd NKRO support for LUFA
2013-07-23 tmkMerge branch 'bootmagic_salt'(Fix issue #41)
2013-07-23 tmkAdd bootmagic salt key to avoid accidental configuration
2013-07-23 tmkMerge branch 'lockkey_fix'(Fix issue #46)
2013-07-23 tmkAdd mechanical locking switch support for NumLock and...
2013-07-22 tmkMerge branch 'macro_mediakey'(Fix issue #42)
2013-07-22 tmkAdd support for macro media/system keys
2013-07-11 tmkMerge branch 'hhkb_tmk'
2013-07-11 tmkFix README and doc
2013-07-11 tmkAdd Caps Lock LED on PD6
2013-07-08 tmkAdd power control of keyswitch board and tweak scan...
2013-07-08 tmkMerge pull request #44 from Wraul/phantom_fix
2013-07-07 WraulCorrection to Phantom readme markdown.
2013-07-07 WraulFix Phantom scroll lock LED.
2013-07-04 tmkMerge pull request #40 from yeeeargh/hid_liber-standard...
2013-07-03 yeeearghAdded standard layouts for ANSI and ISO. Moved the...
2013-07-03 tmkTweak tap timing for slow tap on space bar
2013-07-03 tmkAdd Makefile for tmk board and tweak scan wait
2013-06-25 tmkFix debouncing bug in hid_liber(Issue #26)
2013-06-23 tmkMerge branch 'Wraul-kmac'
2013-06-22 WraulInitial implementation for the KMAC
2013-06-19 tmkAdd power consumptions to doc
2013-06-19 tmkChange tapping parameter for hhkb/iwrap
2013-05-27 tmkMerge pull request #37 from Wraul/update_phantom
2013-05-27 Mathias AnderssonAdd Phantom README.
2013-05-27 Mathias AnderssonMove Phantom keymaps to separate header files.
2013-05-27 Mathias AnderssonFix Phantom sleep LED.
2013-05-27 Mathias AnderssonCorrect order of rows for Phantom
2013-05-27 Mathias AnderssonUpdate Phantom debug print
2013-05-21 tmkFix keymap of hid_liber from yeeeargh
2013-05-21 tmkFix deprecated 'prog_*' typedef - Issue #34
2013-05-14 tmkFix makefile, debug print and keymap of HHKB
2013-05-04 tmkMerge pull request #31 from Wraul/update_phantom
2013-05-04 tmkMerge branch 'master' of
2013-05-02 Mathias AnderssonCode style fixes for Phantom matrix.
2013-05-02 Mathias AnderssonAdd full 7bit support to Phantom keymap.
2013-05-01 Mathias AnderssonChange Phantom matrix scan to be similar to GH60.
2013-05-01 Mathias AnderssonImprove matrix print for Phantom.
2013-04-30 tmkMerge pull request #30 from Wraul/phantom_debounce_fix
2013-04-28 Mathias AnderssonFix debouncing on Phantom.
2013-04-21 tmkMerge pull request #29 from Wraul/update_phantom
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