Merge pull request #81 from bgould/master
[tmk_keyboard.git] /
2013-07-23 tmkMerge branch 'bootmagic_salt'(Fix issue #41)
2013-07-23 tmkAdd bootmagic salt key to avoid accidental configuration
2013-07-23 tmkMerge branch 'lockkey_fix'(Fix issue #46)
2013-07-23 tmkAdd mechanical locking switch support for NumLock and...
2013-06-23 tmkMerge branch 'Wraul-kmac'
2013-06-22 WraulInitial implementation for the KMAC
2013-06-22 WraulAdd support for backlight
2013-06-22 tmkAdd default layer config to bootmagic
2013-05-14 tmkFix command.c and README
2013-05-04 tmkMerge pull request #31 from Wraul/update_phantom
2013-05-04 tmkMerge branch 'master' of
2013-04-22 tmkFix doc of Boot Magic and add another project info
2013-04-07 tmkAdd coding style and config.h options
2013-04-07 tmkMerge branch 'virtual_dipsw'
2013-04-07 tmkFix bootmagic and eeconfig for virtual DIP SW
2013-04-05 tmkAdd doc/ and doc/
2013-03-29 tmkRefine
2013-03-21 tmkMerge branch 'add_build_options'
2013-03-20 tmkFix Makefile and config.h of gh60 for new options
2013-03-16 tmkAdd desription about breathing sleep LED
2013-03-12 tmkAdd description of Locking CapsLock in README
2013-03-11 tmkAdd description of Boot Magic in README
2013-03-05 tmkMerge branch 'overlays'
2013-03-05 tmkFix keymap for new framework
2013-03-05 tmkFix and doc/
2013-03-04 tmkClean action.h and add keymap doc
2013-03-04 tmkCreate
2013-02-27 tmkFix SET_DEFAULT_LAYER action and keymap of gh60
2013-02-23 tmkMerge branch 'pc98' of
2013-02-23 tmkFix README and comments in action.h
2013-02-13 tmkMerge branch 'transparent'
2013-02-13 tmkMake Transparent feature available to new keymaps.
2013-02-11 tmkAdd support for LUFA-120730
2013-02-11 tmkMerge branch 'keymap2'
2013-02-11 tmkFix and add some in README
2013-02-10 tmkAdd doc/keycode.txt
2013-02-10 tmkAdd description of keymap and layer in
2012-06-11 tmkFix remove bad links
2012-06-11 tmkMerge branch 'newdir'
2012-06-11 tmkMoved protocol files; news and x68k.
2012-06-08 tmkMade directories for keyboard and converter projects.
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