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Merge pull request #355 from papodaca/XT
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2016-06-04 tmkMerge pull request #355 from papodaca/XT
2016-06-04 tmkMerge branch 'adb_mediakey'
2016-06-04 tmkcore: change API of adb.c to accept device address
2016-05-22 tmkMerge commit '20b787fc1284176834cbe7ca2134e4b36bec5828'
2016-05-20 tmkcore: Add comment of register 3 of ADB
2016-05-19 tmkMerge branch 'adb_iso_fix'
2016-05-19 tmkcore: Add adb_host_talk()
2016-05-05 tmkMerge pull request #341 from esell/master
2016-05-05 esellMerge pull request #1 from esell/bluefruit
2016-05-05 esellupdate macro names in bluefruit
2016-04-21 tmkMerge branch 'master' of github.com:tmk/tmk_keyboard
2016-04-21 tmkMerge commit '71381457fa1311dfa0b58ba882a96db740640871'
2016-03-28 tmkMerge pull request #321 from njbair/master
2016-03-28 tmkcore: Fix media/consumer keys
2016-03-27 Nick BairClean up wording in keymap example
2016-03-27 Nick BairClarify layer precedence
2016-03-27 Nick Bairclarify layer documentation
2016-03-18 tmkps2_usb: Fix for VUSB configuration
2016-03-16 tmkMerge branch 'actionmap'
2016-03-03 Ethan ApodacaMostly working. Is unstable, will emit bad codes after...
2016-03-03 tmkcore: Actionmap support
2016-03-02 Ethan ApodacaCodes appear to be detected correctly, the break codes...
2016-02-17 tmkcore: Fix chibios user compile options
2016-02-17 tmkMerge branch 'chibios' of https://github.com/flabbergas...
2016-02-16 tmkcore: Fix ps2_mouse.c debug print
2016-02-16 obonesRemoved duplicate debug message code and surrounded...
2016-02-16 tmkMerge commit '657d9f23fe47fb88cf221adb23095082f191ba6a'
2016-02-14 flabbergastChibios: Revert common.mk change (fix AVR linking problem).
2016-02-12 tmkMerge commit '5a0132f1c1c9a14fd2941f0a5e29bbf5e31da20c...
2016-02-11 flabbergastChibios: cleanup usb_main code.
2016-02-11 flabbergastChibios: Fix a HardFault bug (wait after start).
2016-02-11 tmkMerge commit '28203e909e83b1ac6becb45a3eadae23b190df32...
2016-02-09 tmkMerge remote-tracking branch 'flabbergast-tmk_keyboard...
2016-01-26 tmkcore: Remove unused warning. Fix tmk_keyboard/#293
2016-01-24 tmkMerge pull request #299 from kairyu/speed-up-compilation
2016-01-22 flabbergastChibios: add more guards for transmitting (fix a deadlo...
2016-01-22 Kai Ryucore: Speed up compilation
2016-01-18 flabbergastMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2016-01-16 tmkMerge pull request #230 from jerryen/master
2016-01-16 tmkcore: Add note about sudo and git
2016-01-15 flabbergastChibios: Update to new USB API.
2016-01-15 flabbergastMerge branch 'master' into chibios
2016-01-15 tmkcore: Fix variable initialize
2016-01-15 tmkcore: Fix variable init and header include
2016-01-15 tmkMerge pull request #292 from obones/command_warning
2016-01-15 tmkMerge pull request #294 from shayneholmes/fix-debug...
2016-01-15 tmkMerge pull request #295 from doopai/master
2016-01-15 tmkcore: Add macro commands SM(), RM() and CM()
2016-01-15 Adrian L LangeAdd support for storing, restoring and clearing modifie...
2016-01-15 tmkcore: Add dfu-programmer example to doc/build.md
2016-01-15 tmkcore: Fix doc/build.md
2016-01-14 duanhongyiremove SERIAL_SOFT_DEBUG macro
2016-01-12 Shayne HolmesFix typo in bootmagic debug message
2016-01-12 tmkMerge branch 'usb_usb_editor'
2016-01-12 tmkusb_usb: Fix for keymap editor
2016-01-07 oboneshost_driver is only used if KEYBOARD_LOCK_ENABLE is...
2015-12-30 flabbergastChibios: add 'core/protocol' to the makefiles' search...
2015-12-18 flabbergastMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2015-12-18 flabbergastDo timeout when writing to CONSOLE EP queue.
2015-12-09 tmkMerge pull request #278 from uxp/keycode_syntax_fix
2015-12-08 Howard P. LogsdonRemove an errant comma trailing the KC_ERAS macro alias
2015-12-05 tmkMerge pull request #270 from jeffgran/single-tap-toggle
2015-12-05 tmkMerge branch 'jeffgran-single-tap-toggle'
2015-12-05 Jeff Granenable TAPPING_TOGGLE=1 to work correctly
2015-12-05 tmkMerge pull request #271 from jeffgran/default-layer...
2015-12-05 tmkMerge pull request #267 from riginding/master
2015-12-05 tmkcore: Update doc/build.md and remove other_projects.md
2015-12-03 flabbergastWorkaround for compiler warnings when console disabled.
2015-12-03 flabbergastAdd maple mini code.
2015-11-26 tmkcore: Fix rules.mk for dfu target
2015-11-26 Jeff Granadd ACTION_DEFAULT_LAYER_TOGGLE to toggle a default...
2015-11-26 Jeff Granenable TAPPING_TOGGLE=1 to work correctly
2015-11-23 flabbergastMerge branch 'master' into chibios
2015-11-18 tmkcore: Fix debug print of usb_hid
2015-11-18 tmkcore: Add keycode KC_JPY for JIS
2015-11-14 flabbergastChibios: Remove the wait in the main loop.
2015-11-10 flabbergastMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2015-10-30 flabbergastMerge branch 'master' into chibios
2015-10-18 flabbergastChibiOS: prettify/document sleep_led code.
2015-10-18 flabbergastChibiOS: Update infinity bootloader code to match updat...
2015-10-18 flabbergastChibios: Add breathing sleep LED on Kinetis MCUs.
2015-10-18 flabbergastChibiOS: make reset request more CMSISy.
2015-10-17 flabbergastAdd correct chibios/bootloader_jump for infinity KB.
2015-10-17 flabbergastChibios/usb_main: rename a variable for clarity.
2015-10-17 Jun WakoFix drop key stroke
2015-10-16 Jun WakoFix report size of boot protocol.
2015-10-16 Jun WakoMerge branch 'infinity_chibios' of ../tmk_chibios into...
2015-10-16 Jun WakoMerge branch 'chibios' of https://github.com/flabbergas...
2015-10-15 flabbergastChibiOS/STM32: send remote wakeup.
2015-10-14 flabbergastChibiOS/kinetis: sending remote wakeup.
2015-10-14 flabbergastChibios: use WFI in idle. WIP suspend stuff.
2015-10-12 flabbergastMove chibios/cortex selection to local Makefiles.
2015-10-12 flabbergastRename chibios example keyboard.
2015-10-12 flabbergastAdd eeprom support for chibios/kinetis.
2015-10-12 flabbergastMove declaration of keymap_config.
2015-10-12 flabbergastMake bootmagic.c code portable (_delay_ms -> wait_ms).
2015-10-12 flabbergastAdd missing #include to keymap.c.
2015-10-12 flabbergastMerge branch 'master' into chibios
2015-10-12 flabbergastFix chibios/usb_main GET_REPORT handing.
2015-10-10 flabbergastAdd ARM Teensies bootloader code.
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