2012-06-30 tmkFix Makefiles.
2012-06-30 tmkAdd support of USBasp bootloader.
2012-06-30 tmkAdd Makefile.lufa to keyboard/hhkb and hbkb.
2012-06-30 tmkFix bootloader.c
2012-06-29 tmkconfirm SetReport LED.
2012-06-28 tmkAdd conditional compile for MOUSE_ENABLE and EXTRAKEY_E...
2012-06-28 tmkMake console compatible with PJRC hid_listen.
2012-06-28 tmkAdd protocol/lufa. LUFA supported now.
2012-06-28 tmkAdd consumer/system control feature to LUFA.
2012-06-28 tmkAdd LUFA mouse feature and fix mouse report.
2012-06-28 tmkclean descriptor setting. Remove keyboard OUT Endpoint.
2012-06-27 tmkAdd sendchar with Generic HID to support debug print.
2012-06-26 tmkinitial attempt for LUFA.
2012-06-18 tmkAdd a keymap layer into ADB converter.
2012-06-15 tmkChange pin configurationa and keymap.
2012-06-11 tmkFix remove bad links
2012-06-11 tmkMerge branch 'newdir'
2012-06-11 tmkMoved protocol files; news and x68k.
2012-06-08 tmkMade directories for keyboard and converter projects.
2012-06-07 tmkFixed Makefile to adjust new directories.
2012-06-06 tmkMoved files to common, protocol and doc directory
2012-05-27 tmkMerge branch 'fix_layer_delay'
2012-05-27 tmkAdd keyboard report debug print on V-USB.
2012-05-27 tmkChange MCU to atmega328p in hhkb/Makeilfe.vusb.
2012-05-27 tmkUpdate M0110 keymap and add a Make target 'hasu'.
2012-05-27 tmkFIX: layer switching bug when Fn has no keycode.
2012-05-24 tmkMerge branch 'm0110a'
2012-05-21 tmkFix key stuck bug of M0110A support.
2012-05-17 tmkFix M0110A keymap.
2012-05-15 tmkFix bug on RAW2SCAN. Add work around for M0110A.
2012-05-11 tmkAdded Happy Buckling Keyboard.
2012-04-28 tmkIgnore release flag when comparing key event.
2012-04-28 tmkWorkaround for Mac HID SET_IDLE behaviour.
2012-04-27 tmkWorkaround for Mac HID SET_IDLE behaviour.
2012-04-27 tmkAdded M0110A support contributed by skagon@github.
2012-04-21 tmkM0110: Fixed timing of signal handling.
2012-03-23 tmkAdded SHARP X68000 keyboard support.
2012-03-03 tmkFiexed AT90USB162 compatibility.(different number of...
2012-03-03 tmkFixed keymap macro of macway.
2012-02-14 tmkFixed keymap of IBM Terminal keyboard converter.
2012-02-13 tmkAdded terminal_usb adapter for IBM Terminal keyboard.
2012-02-13 tmkFixed wrong pin configuration for ps2_usb USART.
2012-01-15 tmkFixed wrong description about pins.
2012-01-15 tmkAdded USART implementation for PS/2 signal handling.
2012-01-05 tmkadded SONY NEWS keyboard NWP-5461 support.
2011-12-21 tmkfixed a bug on host_system_send().
2011-12-19 tmkM0110: added keymaps, mousekeys
2011-12-14 tmkAdded protocol support for Macintosh keyboard M0110.
2011-12-09 tmkPS/2 to USB: fix comments.
2011-12-05 tmkAdded ISO/JIS keyboard support.
2011-09-29 tmkadd debouncing into macway/matrix.c.
2011-09-22 tmkRefactored bootloader jumping. Added USBaspLoader support.
2011-09-17 tmkAdded Bulegiga iWRAP support into HHKB.(Bluetooth)
2011-09-01 tmkAdded locking capslock key support and default now.
2011-07-20 tmkadded copyright and license notice.
2011-07-02 tmkChange layer pram and keymap of HHKB. Fix vusb/host.c.
2011-06-30 tmkAdd special keycodes for media control. Fix power down...
2011-05-31 tmkAdded PS/2 multimeda key support.
2011-05-25 tmkadded HHKB/README and clean some codes.
2011-05-21 tmkadded USB_EXTRA feature to HHKB/V-USB
2011-05-15 tmkadded initial V-USB support for HHKB
2011-05-06 tmkmove files: main_vusb.c ps2_usart.c sendchar_usart...
2011-05-04 tmkfix bug: send Fn key even after the layer is used.
2011-05-04 tmkad hoc fix for IDLE bug which affects on Mac only.
2011-05-03 tmkfix for ps2_usb Makefile and circuit
2011-05-03 tmkminor fix for HHKB Makefile and doc
2011-03-10 tmkFIX: send last report when idle timeouts. (pjrc)
2011-02-25 tmkADD: V-USB Circuit in README
2011-02-25 tmkFIX: host_get_first_key in vusb/host.c
2011-02-21 tmkv3.0 cleanse files
2011-02-21 tmkfixed hhkb to comply new API.
2011-02-21 tmkfixed macway to comply new API.
2011-02-21 tmkfixed adb_usb to comply new API.
2011-02-21 tmkintegrate V-USB support into ps2_usb
2011-02-21 tmkSynchronous USART support for PS/2 on V-USB stack
2011-02-21 tmkPS/2: request to resend when error is occured.
2011-02-21 tmkfixed: not to send key if fn_keycode is modifier
2011-02-21 tmkhost interface for pjrc
2011-02-21 tmkrefactor keyboard.h, host.h
2011-02-21 tmkadded protocol stack: pjrc, vusb
2011-02-21 tmkdefine sendcha() in usb_debug.c
2011-02-21 tmkPS/2 library receives data partially by interrupt
2011-02-21 tmkadded initial support of mousekeys to ps2_vusb
2011-02-21 tmkadded PS/2 to USB converter use V-USB as protocol stack
2011-02-21 tmkMerge branch 'master' of
2011-02-17 tmkadded some short keycode names for ISO and JIS keyboard.
2011-02-13 tmkadded note about external pull resistor on DATA line.
2011-01-24 tmkfixed mousekey delay to do double/triple click easily.
2011-01-24 tmkExceptional handling for PS/2 scan code set 2
2011-01-22 tmkrewrite code of layer switching
2011-01-22 tmkPS/2 to USB keyboard converter
2011-01-16 tmkadded description of ADB socket pintouts.
2011-01-16 tmkchanged wait time for volume control.
2011-01-16 tmkchanged special mode key for macway: Left Shift + Right...
2011-01-13 tmkADB keyboard LEDs support
2011-01-13 tmkadded 'Keymap' section to adb/README.
2011-01-13 tmkchange keycodes and define keymap macro for AEK.
2011-01-12 tmkADB to USB keyboard converter
2011-01-11 tmkFIX: error handling in ps2.c
2011-01-06 tmkadded a file TODO.
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