2017-01-04 tmkcore: Modifiers can be used as tap key Fix #422
2016-12-26 tmkhhkb: Move functions which communicate with RN42
2016-12-21 tmkhhkb: Pin setting for power saving
2016-12-21 tmksun_usb: Fix keymap code
2016-12-21 Aristeu Rozanskisun_usb: support US ESC key
2016-12-20 tmkMerge pull request #416 from louisrousseau/master
2016-12-20 tmkcore: Fix for ChibiOS update #411
2016-12-19 Louis Rousseauadb_usb/matrix.c : changed size of handler_id from...
2016-12-17 tmkadb_usb: Fix keymap macro
2016-12-10 tmkMerge branch 'adb_led_fix'
2016-12-10 tmkadb_usb: set_led at startup
2016-12-10 tmksun_usb: Turn out LED after matrix init
2016-12-10 tmkMerge commit '22b6e15a179031afb7c3534cf7b109b0668b602c'
2016-12-10 tmkSquashed 'tmk_core/' changes from 8da1898..e5f9940
2016-12-05 tmkMerge pull request #414 from tanant/macro_documentation
2016-12-04 AnthonyAdd note for L/R side bit being ignored
2016-12-04 AnthonyAdd in basic documentation for Macro system
2016-11-29 tmkcore: Swap position of PEQL and PENT in unimap
2016-11-29 tmkps2_usb: Support for hidden switch in model M
2016-11-29 tmkMerge pull request #406 from 39aldo39/patch-1
2016-11-29 tmkMerge pull request #410 from erikpe/master
2016-11-29 tmkMerge pull request #409 from luizribeiro/vusb-remote...
2016-11-28 Erik PetterssonFix error in media layer for phantom iso keymap.
2016-11-27 Luiz RibeiroV-USB remote wakeup
2016-11-26 Erik PetterssonFix to make phantom board compile
2016-11-14 Aldo Gunsingcore: Fix typo in definition AC_g
2016-10-21 tmkalps64: unimap definition
2016-10-21 tmkhhkb: Change unimap files
2016-10-18 tmkusb_usb: Restore LED state when plugging keyboard
2016-10-18 tmkcore: Debug print for system and consumer keys
2016-10-12 tmkalps64: Add unimap support
2016-10-12 tmkcore: Fix sleep_led
2016-10-09 tmkhhkb: Update binary
2016-10-08 tmkMerge branch 'matrix-fix'
2016-10-08 tmkFix matrix.c to use new default impl.
2016-10-08 tmkcore: Change matrix_init and matrix_print
2016-10-08 tmkonkey: Fix keymap.c
2016-10-07 tmkFix Makefile for NKRO comment
2016-10-05 tmkMerge branch 'matrix-clear'
2016-10-05 tmkFix matrix_clear() for new matrix API
2016-10-05 tmkcore: Add matrix_clear() and default impl.
2016-10-04 tmkps2_usb: Use standby mode in suspend
2016-10-04 tmkcore: Add suspend mode options
2016-10-04 tmkcore: Fix suspend/wake for converters #386
2016-10-04 tmkps2_usb: Fix set led status at startup
2016-10-04 tmkps2_usb: Add setting for suart debug
2016-10-03 tmkcore: LUFA_DEBUG_SUART for serial debug
2016-09-30 tmkibm4707_usb: unimap
2016-09-26 tmkadb_usb: Fix unimap
2016-09-25 tmkcore: Fix mechanical locking supoort #390
2016-09-24 tmkMerge branch 'nemith-master'
2016-09-24 tmkinfinity: Add Makefiles and fix for INFINITY_LED
2016-09-24 tmkcore: Fix OPT_DEFS for mbed build
2016-09-24 tmkMerge branch 'master' of
2016-09-24 tmkMerge pull request #385 from leizzer/master
2016-09-24 tmkMerge pull request #389 from tmk/sun_usb_command_fix
2016-09-24 tmksun_usb: Fix command help #387
2016-09-22 leizzerfix folder name
2016-09-22 leizzerUpdate teensy_lc_onekey instructions
2016-09-22 leizzerMerge branch 'master' of
2016-09-22 leizzerChange .gitignore for ChibiOS
2016-09-19 tmkps2_usb: Change unimap
2016-09-17 tmkMerge branch 'ps2_unimap'
2016-09-17 tmkps2_usb: Add unimap
2016-09-17 tmkps2_usb: Change Makefiles
2016-09-16 tmkcore: Fix build config in
2016-09-12 tmkm0110_usb: Fix target name in Makefiles
2016-09-12 tmkm0110_usb: Add unimap
2016-09-12 tmkadb_usb: Change unimap
2016-09-12 tmkhhkb: Add binary for bluetooth controller
2016-09-10 tmkusb_usb: Revert name of keymap macro
2016-09-10 tmkusb_usb: Orgnize keymap files
2016-09-09 tmkMerge branch 'next-unimap'
2016-09-09 tmknext_usb: Add unimap
2016-09-09 tmknext_usb: Change keymap
2016-09-09 tmkcore: Add short names in unimap
2016-09-09 tmkcore: Fix dfu wait in
2016-09-08 tmkhhkb: Fix unimap
2016-09-08 tmkMerge branch 'mediakey-fix'
2016-09-08 tmkcore: Fix 'make dfu' message
2016-09-08 Travis La MarrFix OS X Recognizing keyboard as Mouse/Tablet
2016-09-08 tmkcore: 'make dfu' waits for bootloader to start
2016-09-08 tmkcore: Fix unimap UNIMAP_NO case
2016-09-07 tmkusb_usb: Change keymap
2016-09-07 tmkMerge branch 'nkro32'
2016-09-07 tmkhhkb: Enable NKRO for jp
2016-09-06 tmkcore: Change lufa NKRO report size 16 to 32 bytes
2016-09-02 tmkusb_usb: Fix unimap layout
2016-09-02 tmkChange gitignore for unimap hex files
2016-09-02 tmkusb_usb: Add unimap
2016-08-31 tmkcore: Fix for build options
2016-08-31 tmkhhkb: Organize Makefiles for unimap
2016-08-30 tmkcore: Fix unimap layout comment
2016-08-30 tmkhhkb: Add unimap for hhkb
2016-08-30 tmkhhkb: Change unimap hex file name
2016-08-30 tmkMerge branch 'unimap'
2016-08-30 tmkadb_usb: Fix keypad and media keys of unimap
2016-08-29 tmkadb_usb: Add hex files for unimap editor
2016-08-29 tmkadb_usb: Change Makfiles
2016-08-29 tmkadb_usb: Fix capslock of unimap
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