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Project Description Owner Last Change
VIper.git terminal + emoji = snek 2 years ago
minesVIiper.git A minesweeper clone with vi keybindings 16 months ago
solVItaire.git solitaire (klondike, spider & freecell) in your terminal 2 months ago
Chiptunes-pms150c.git Chiptunes on the three cent MCU (Padauk PMS150c) 7 months ago
Chiptunes.git Chiptunes on an ATTiny4 (35c3 lightling talk) 13 months ago
Ledberg-ESP8266.git ESP8266 in a Ledberg RGB strip 12 months ago
hardpass.git A Raspberry Pi Zero based hardware password manager, using 3 years ago
tmk_keyboard.git custom keymap for my minivan; forked from 3 years ago
base1.git base64 alternative for all those homebrew unary computers :^) 5 years ago
base65536.git Unicode's answer to Base64 for the UNIX command line :^) 3 years ago
dst-live.git DerStandard Terminal Liveticker 2 years ago
forkaftergrep.git daemonize a process only after it has spit out a string on stdout/stderr 2 years ago
sendHID.git A tool to simulate typing using the Linux USB Gadget mode 3 years ago
xvisbell.git X Visual Bell: flashes your display for a fraction of a second to alert you of something 3 years ago
LegacyFox.git Legacy bootstrapped extensions for Firefox 65 and beyond 12 months ago
RaspiRouter.git Configuration Files for my Raspberry Pi UMTS Router 5 years ago
VimFx.git Vim keyboard shortcuts for Firefox (downstream repository) 2 weeks ago
greenpass.git 5 months ago
subscriptionfeed.git Privacy-focused webservice to catch up with Youtube subscriptions 12 days ago
ttxd.git A teletext to plain text converter and viewer - the Twitter of editorial news. 2 years ago
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