2016-09-22 leizzerChange .gitignore for ChibiOS
2016-09-12 tmkm0110_usb: Fix target name in Makefiles
2016-09-12 tmkm0110_usb: Add unimap
2016-09-12 tmkadb_usb: Change unimap
2016-09-12 tmkhhkb: Add binary for bluetooth controller
2016-09-10 tmkusb_usb: Revert name of keymap macro
2016-09-10 tmkusb_usb: Orgnize keymap files
2016-09-09 tmkMerge branch 'next-unimap'
2016-09-09 tmknext_usb: Add unimap
2016-09-09 tmknext_usb: Change keymap
2016-09-09 tmkcore: Add short names in unimap
2016-09-09 tmkcore: Fix dfu wait in
2016-09-08 tmkhhkb: Fix unimap
2016-09-08 tmkMerge branch 'mediakey-fix'
2016-09-08 tmkcore: Fix 'make dfu' message
2016-09-08 Travis La MarrFix OS X Recognizing keyboard as Mouse/Tablet
2016-09-08 tmkcore: 'make dfu' waits for bootloader to start
2016-09-08 tmkcore: Fix unimap UNIMAP_NO case
2016-09-07 tmkusb_usb: Change keymap
2016-09-07 tmkMerge branch 'nkro32'
2016-09-07 tmkhhkb: Enable NKRO for jp
2016-09-06 tmkcore: Change lufa NKRO report size 16 to 32 bytes
2016-09-02 tmkusb_usb: Fix unimap layout
2016-09-02 tmkChange gitignore for unimap hex files
2016-09-02 tmkusb_usb: Add unimap
2016-08-31 tmkcore: Fix for build options
2016-08-31 tmkhhkb: Organize Makefiles for unimap
2016-08-30 tmkcore: Fix unimap layout comment
2016-08-30 tmkhhkb: Add unimap for hhkb
2016-08-30 tmkhhkb: Change unimap hex file name
2016-08-30 tmkMerge branch 'unimap'
2016-08-30 tmkadb_usb: Fix keypad and media keys of unimap
2016-08-29 tmkadb_usb: Add hex files for unimap editor
2016-08-29 tmkadb_usb: Change Makfiles
2016-08-29 tmkadb_usb: Fix capslock of unimap
2016-08-29 tmkAdd unimap firmware hex file
2016-08-29 tmkhhkb: Add unimap_jp
2016-08-29 tmkadb_usb: Add unimap_plain
2016-08-29 tmkcore: Add unimap support
2016-08-29 tmkcore: Fix doc/ for new keymap framework
2016-08-29 tmkRemove keymap read code from project directories
2016-08-29 tmkcore: Add default implemenation of keymap read
2016-08-29 tmkFix: Use action_t in keymap files
2016-08-29 tmkcore: action codes are action_t struct now
2016-08-08 tmkcore: Change chibios repo directory names
2016-07-30 tmkcore: Fix keycode.txt
2016-06-23 tmkMerge pull request #365 from p3lim/patch-1
2016-06-22 Adrian L LangeREADME missing link
2016-06-22 tmkUpdate orphan/
2016-06-22 tmkMerge branch 'orphans'
2016-06-22 tmkMove some projects to 'orphan' directory
2016-06-21 tmkMerge branch 'remote_wakeup_32u2_fix'
2016-06-21 tmkcore: Fix USB remote wakeup on ATmega32U2 #361
2016-06-21 tmkMerge branch 'usb_usb_multiple_keyboard_share'
2016-06-21 tmkusb_usb: Add multiple keyboard support
2016-06-08 tmkhhkb: Fix links in Close #358
2016-06-07 tmkMerge branch 'report_descriptor_fix'
2016-06-07 tmkcore: Fix Logical Maximum in report descriptor
2016-06-07 tmkMerge branch 'report_descriptor_fix'
2016-06-05 tmkcore: Fix LUFA report descriptor
2016-06-04 tmkMerge pull request #355 from papodaca/XT
2016-06-04 tmkMerge branch 'adb_mediakey'
2016-06-04 tmkadb_usb: Add support for Apple Adjustable keybaord...
2016-06-04 tmkcore: change API of adb.c to accept device address
2016-06-01 Ethan ApodacaUpdate XT converter readme.
2016-06-01 Ethan ApodacaMerge pull request #1 from alh84001/patch-1
2016-06-01 Matija KovacicUpdate config.h
2016-05-25 tmkadb_usb: Fix swap ISO codes bug
2016-05-22 tmkMerge commit '20b787fc1284176834cbe7ca2134e4b36bec5828'
2016-05-22 tmkSquashed 'tmk_core/' changes from d5c5ac6..8da1898
2016-05-22 tmkMerge branch 'flabbergast-update'
2016-05-22 flabbergastChibios: update examples to current chibios git.
2016-05-20 tmkcore: Add comment of register 3 of ADB
2016-05-19 tmkMerge branch 'adb_iso_fix'
2016-05-19 tmkadb_usb: reinitialize for plug-in after startup
2016-05-19 tmkMerge branch 'adb_iso_fix'
2016-05-19 tmkadb_usb: autodetect ISO keyboards and swap codes
2016-05-19 tmkcore: Add adb_host_talk()
2016-05-16 tmkMerge pull request #347 from omenlabs/master
2016-05-14 John HickeyMake Bell and Click work on Sun Type 5c.
2016-05-10 John HickeyAdd hardware serial support for sun_usb converter
2016-05-05 tmkMerge pull request #341 from esell/master
2016-05-05 esellMerge pull request #1 from esell/bluefruit
2016-05-05 esellupdate macro names in bluefruit
2016-04-29 tmkx68k_usb: Add toggle LED sample
2016-04-29 tmkx68k_usb: Convert legacy keymap into current one
2016-04-29 tmknews_usb: Add TMK converter support
2016-04-21 tmkFix a link in
2016-04-21 tmkMerge branch 'master' of
2016-04-21 tmkMerge commit '71381457fa1311dfa0b58ba882a96db740640871'
2016-04-21 tmkSquashed 'tmk_core/' changes from ee8c5ba..d5c5ac6
2016-04-21 tmkMerge pull request #327 from grettke/patch-1
2016-04-13 tmkadb_usb: Fix for ISO swapped keys(issue #35)
2016-04-11 Grant RettkeExtenal -> External
2016-03-29 tmknext_usb: Stop debug print while no keyboard
2016-03-29 tmkx68k_usb: Change config for TMK converter
2016-03-28 tmkMerge pull request #321 from njbair/master
2016-03-28 tmkhhkb: Add
2016-03-28 tmkhhkb: Fix name of consumer keys
2016-03-28 tmkcore: Fix media/consumer keys
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