Add action 'Momentary switching with Modifiers'
[tmk_keyboard.git] / common / action.c
2014-09-29 tmkAdd action 'Momentary switching with Modifiers'
2014-04-09 tmkMerge pull request #110 from xauser/master
2014-04-08 Ralf SchmittNew macro: ACTION_BACKLIGHT_LEVEL(level)
2013-11-28 tmkMerge pull request #80 from gblargg/master
2013-11-28 tmkMerge branch 'modstaptoggle' of git://
2013-11-28 tmkMerge pull request #81 from bgould/master
2013-11-21 tmkMerge branch 'ps2_mouse_fix'
2013-11-20 Simon MelhartAdd tap toggle modifiers
2013-11-20 tmkFix to build ps2_mouse with both LUFA and PJRC
2013-10-31 tmkMerge branch 'onekey'
2013-10-07 tmkAdd timeout option to MODS_ONESHOT #66
2013-10-04 tmkFix mod stuck of MODS_KEY when leaving layer #62
2013-07-23 tmkMerge branch 'lockkey_fix'(Fix issue #46)
2013-07-23 tmkAdd mechanical locking switch support for NumLock and...
2013-07-22 tmkMerge branch 'macro_mediakey'(Fix issue #42)
2013-07-22 tmkAdd support for macro media/system keys
2013-07-21 tmkMerge branch 'bob_fix'
2013-07-19 tmkChange name ACT_LAYER_TAP1 to ACT_LAYER_TAP_EXT
2013-06-23 tmkMerge branch 'Wraul-kmac'
2013-06-22 WraulAdd support for backlight
2013-05-14 tmkMerge branch 'fix_print'
2013-05-14 tmkUse dprint and dprintf for debug
2013-04-04 tmkMerge branch 'action_refine'
2013-04-04 tmkFix ACT_MODS action and switch_default_layer command
2013-04-02 tmkRename file layer_switch to action_layer
2013-04-02 tmkRefine ACT_LAYER and ACT_LAYER_TAP
2013-03-31 tmkRemove ACT_KEYMAP and ACT_OVERLAY
2013-03-28 tmkMerge branch 'action_tapping'
2013-03-28 tmkAdd action_tapping.[ch] for refactoring
2013-03-21 tmkMerge branch 'add_build_options'
2013-03-21 tmkClean action.c
2013-03-21 tmkAdd NO_ACTION_ONESHOT config option
2013-03-19 tmkAdd NO_ACTION_KEYMAP config option
2013-03-19 tmkAdd NO_ACTION_FUNCTION config option
2013-03-19 tmkAdd NO_ACTION_TAPPING and NO_ACTION_MACRO config options
2013-03-19 tmkAdd NO_ACTION_OVERLAY config option
2013-03-12 tmkMerge branch 'locking_caps'
2013-03-12 tmkAdd mechanical locking switch support for CapsLock
2013-03-05 tmkMerge branch 'overlays'
2013-03-04 tmkClean action.h and add keymap doc
2013-02-27 tmkFix SET_DEFAULT_LAYER action and keymap of gh60
2013-02-26 tmkAdd tap flags on record_t
2013-02-25 tmkAdd MACRO action
2013-02-23 tmkMerge branch 'pc98' of
2013-02-20 tmkFix tap key bug: layer stuck
2013-02-20 tmkAdd keymap clear/reset action
2013-02-20 tmkAdd overlay framework
2013-02-15 tmkMerge branch 'layer_switch'
2013-02-15 tmkRewrite layer action with layer_switch
2013-02-15 tmkReplace layer_stack with layer_switch
2013-02-15 tmkMerge branch 'layer_stack'
2013-02-15 tmkAdd layer_stack files taking apart from action.c
2013-02-15 tmkChange: 0 means default_layer in current_layer now
2013-02-14 tmkAdd layer stack
2013-02-13 tmkMerge branch 'actionfix'
2013-02-13 tmkChange struct key_t
2013-02-13 tmkChange action API
2013-02-13 tmkMerge branch 'transparent'
2013-02-13 tmkMake Transparent feature available to new keymaps.
2013-02-12 tmkChange ACTION_LAYER_SET_LAYER behaviour
2013-02-11 tmkMerge branch 'keymap2'
2013-02-10 tmkFix is_tap_key()
2013-02-10 tmkClean layer actions.
2013-02-04 tmkAdd macro feature.
2013-02-01 tmkAdd user defined function to action.
2013-01-31 tmkAdd legacy keymap support.
2013-01-31 tmkFix tapping. tap key just after tap timeout.
2013-01-30 tmkFix: action LAYER_BIT uses xor now instead of and/or.
2013-01-30 tmkFix process_tapping().
2013-01-29 tmkClean debug print in action.c.
2013-01-28 tmkClean code.
2013-01-28 tmkAdd tap toggle feature to action.
2013-01-27 tmkAdd oneshot modifier action.
2013-01-27 tmkRemove test_func.
2013-01-26 tmkNew tapping logic.
2013-01-23 tmkAdd prototype of Action Function.
2013-01-21 tmkFix mods with tapping.
2013-01-17 tmkRefactor struct keyevent_t.
2013-01-17 tmkFix mods with tap key but some problems still exists.
2013-01-16 tmkAdd support partly for modifier with tap key.
2013-01-14 tmkFix waiting_keys and periodical update for delaying...
2013-01-13 tmkFix tap key using delaying_layer and waiting_key.
2013-01-09 tmkAdd new layer actions.
2012-12-16 tmkFix action of system and consumer usage.
2012-12-15 tmkAdd initial fix for new keymap.
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